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Greatoo Fight Against Corona Virus Disease 2019


This Spring Festival is destined to be extraordinary. A new coronavirus-infected pneumonia epidemic has swept across the country, and defense wars have been launched to stop the epidemic. Preventing and controlling the epidemic is a war without gunpowder, everyone is a participant in this war, and responds to the very epidemic with an extraordinary campaign.

Firstly, we build a community and fight against epidemic.

On January 25th, the first day of the Lunar New Year, Greatoo immediately launched epidemic prevention emergency measures, as well as established the "Greatoo Epidemic Prevention and Control Emergency Management Team", with Wu Yingxiong, the company's vice president, as the team leader; He Jinbin, the general manager of the Enterprise Administration Center, as its executive deputy team leader; and the key personnel of management line, administrative line and production line are deputy team leaders. It is an orderly work for the purpose of timely detecting the epidemic situation, controlling the spread of the epidemic situation, and protecting the health and life of all employees.

Secondly, formulate the implementation plan efficiently and accurately

Led by the ISO Standardization Office and the Security Office, we responded quickly and systematically formulated the "Corona Virus Disease 2019 Prevention and Control Management Plan" and ""Corona Virus Disease 2019 Prevention Emergency Control Plan" to achieve systematic management steps and solid control advance.

Thirdly, we do our best to stop the outbreak of epidemics timely.
1.Dynamically track employees from key areas
On the first day of the establishment of the emergency management team, the company conducted a one-by-one inspection of employees from other provinces and cities, focusing on major epidemic areas such as Hubei, as well as employees who have stopped in Wuhan on their way home or have recent travel history in Wuhan, follow-up by special persons, report every day, and ensure timely report of epidemic situation.
2.Start remote office mode
For Hubei nationals who return to their hometown or the other who have recent travel history in Hubei, and other employees who cannot return to work due to traffic control and other reasons, they can start the remote office mode upon their application and company approval.
Fourthly, take multiple methods to jointly safeguard the safety of the plant area.
1.People enter the factory should wear masks and undergo body temperature testing
In order to ensure that everyone has a safe and healthy working environment, the company requires employees who enter the factory area to wear masks, give distributions without masks, and implement security personnel to carry out temperature detection and registration at the factory. All employees need to cooperate with security personnel's temperature detection before entering the factory area.

2.Strictly implement ten prohibitions for epidemic prevention and control
In order to solidly promote the prevention and control of the epidemic situation and ensure the physical health and life safety of the company's employees, the emergency management team specially formulated and implemented the "Ten Prohibitions for the Prevention and Control of Epidemic Situation", making announcements in the canteens, dormitories and office areas of all factories, requiring all staff follow it.

3. Inspection of management and service personnel before taking up posts
In order to ensure the quality of the epidemic prevention and control, all prevention and control management and service personnel passed the self-quarantine, cleaning and disinfection, as well as medical tests to confirm their safety before taking up their posts.

4.Comprehensive disinfection in public areas
For the public areas of the factory area, the lobby, stairs, elevators and other places where people are in contact, all of them are disinfected with sanitary and efficient disinfection water, and key areas are repeatedly disinfected.

5.Comprehensive cleaning and disinfection of the canteen kitchen
In order to better ensure the health and safety of employees' food, the company’s canteen kitchen was cleaned and disinfected once before the start of work; after the start of work, it was disinfected 1 hour before each meal, twice a day.

6.Meal security in the event of an epidemic
In order to ensure the safety of employees' meals during the epidemic prevention period, the emergency management team and various business units coordinated, and the employees' meals were staggered. At the same time, the Liaison Office organized the dining room to set up a dining seat partition to prevent employees from talking, and to prevent the spread of droplets. 

7.Actively reserve epidemic prevention materials
The company's epidemic prevention and control emergency management team jointly launched multi-party resources to promptly purchase reserve materials such as masks, thermometers, disinfectants, alcohol, flu-preventing Chinese medicinal materials and cleaning appliances, and prepare for the fight against the epidemic, so that employees can rest assured rework.

8.Set up isolated observation room
To prevent accidents, according to the emergency plan, the company set up an "isolated observation room" and equipped with thermometers, masks, new science and technology for the prevention and treatment of new pneumococcal pneumonia, rules for preventing new pneumonia, instructions for living in isolated observation rooms, and personal daily necessities.

9.Do a good job of propaganda and education
Use APP, SMS, email, public account, WeChat group, bulletin board and other media to comprehensively publicize and popularize knowledge about the prevention and treatment of new coronavirus pneumonia, and improve the self-protection awareness and ability of all employees.

All the Greatoo staff jointly implement the core values of the Greatoo enterprise culture of "One family, one heart, one energy, one goal, and build a happy Greatoo together". And we can certainly overcome difficulties.