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Greatoo (Guangzhou) Robot and Intelligent Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

       Greatoo (Guangzhou) Robot and Intelligent Manufacturing Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as: Greatoo (Guangzhou)) was registered in 2014 in Guangzhou Development Zone, with registered capital of 200 million Yuan, the parent Greatoo Intelligence is international robot industry alliance, vice president of Robot Units, China Robot Branch of Industry Association Member Units, China Automation Institute Director Unit, Robot Association Vice-chairman Unit of Guangdong Province, one of the first 15 Robot Backbone Enterprises in Guangdong. Greatoo (Guangzhou) company is mainly engaged in industrial robot and its core components, control system, the flexible automation technology development, manufacturing, is the great intelligence in the R&D and industrialization of intelligent equipment industry carrier. Greatoo (Guangzhou) company deeply rooted "scientific and technological innovation" development concept, to research and develop the technical cooperation with global perspective, with Israel Servotronix Automation Solutions LTD (Servo Founded Automation Solutions Co., LTD.), the German OPS - INGERSOLL Funkenerosionen GmbH (Ozzie Rope Machine Tool Co., LTD.) and other international famous intelligent equipment, precision machine tool enterprises to establish a deep close partnership, the introduction of the forefront of the world's leading technology, to solve the restricting the development of domestic robot and intelligent equipment control system technology and precision manufacturing technology. At present, the Greatoo (Guangzhou) company in the industrial robot controller and the RV reducer, such as the core has made significant breakthrough in key technologies, components and key technologies to achieve the domestic leading the international advanced level, with completely independent intellectual property rights and international patents; its independent research and development of heavy and light load six degrees of freedom of industrial robots, five-axis linkage machining center, automatic stereoscopic warehouse, flexible automatic production line and have great agility, high stability, high consistency, high security; it uses international advanced intelligent technology and equipment to support customers from a single production to automatic production lines, flexible production line, intelligent transformation and upgrading of production line, and robots for industry application. The second largest international brand auto parts manufacturers in Hong Kong listed company sensitive solid group, China's largest tire manufacturer in Hangzhou Zhongce, Guoguang Electric Appliances, Guangdong province machinery research institute and other industries use robot products of the company and provide each user with intelligent automation, flexibility, production solution. Greatoo (Guangzhou) research and development of intelligent robot unit into Tsinghua University Training Center.

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