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Achievement Reveals in School-Enterprise Joint Construction and New Chapter Begins in the Integration of Production and Education —— Leaders of Guangdong Polytechnic Institute Visited Greatooto Conduct Research on Industry-University-Research Cooperation


School-enterprise cooperation and joint construction are an important part of Greatoo's smart talent strategy. Our company has persisted in deepening the industry-university-research cooperation between school and enterprise for many years and has achieved certain results. On July 22, Party Secretary Yang Zhen and Dean Dr. Wu Lihua of the Robotics College of Guangdong Polytechnic Institute led a team to visit Greatoo to conduct industry-university-research cooperation research. Chen Zhiyong, executive vice president, and He Jinbin, the general manager of the corporate administration center, warmly received them.

Both the guest and host held a symposium at the company's Longgang Road plant. Dean Wu Lihua, on behalf of the Robotics Academy, reported on the achievements of the school and enterprise's joint construction of disciplines. Dean Wu said that with the strong support of Greatoo, the teaching work of the Robotics College of Guangdong Polytechnic Institute has made great progress. The first graduates of the college are about to graduate this year, and the college is quite confident in their employment. With the continuous improvement of the basic construction of the Robotics College and the continuous improvement of the teacher team, the college’s enrollment scale has reached new highs every year. It is estimated that the enrollment of robot major will reach 350 in 2020.

Vice President Chen Zhiyong introduced the development of the company to the teachers of Guangdong Polytechnic Institute, and expressed sincere praise for the development of the Robotics College of Guangdong Polytechnic Institute. He expressed the expectation to carry out more in-depth cooperation with the school and further promote the development of school and enterprise's joint construction of disciplines.

Both schools and enterprises also exchanged opinions on the integration and cooperation of production and education, the transformation of scientific and technological achievements, and cooperation in scientific research and teaching reform projects. Both sides reached a consensus on future cooperation that the in-depth cooperation between the school and the enterprise, which will help the school to cultivate adaptive compound talents and provide strong talent support for the enterprise. The two parties will continue to expand cooperation areas, innovate cooperation mechanisms, strengthen school-enterprise cooperation, and finally achieve mutual benefit and win-win results between schools and enterprises, and promote long-term social and economic development.