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Automatic Mask Production Line of Greatoo Passed the CE Full Instruction Certificate


Createtime: 2020-07-15

In March 2020, the first automatic mask production line of Greatoo was successfully rolled off, and the company immediately moved to the mass production stage. With the spread of foreign epidemics, foreign protective equipment and production equipment are lacking. In order to further expand the international market and help international epidemic prevention, the company specially selected core personnel from the international business department, technical department, production department, and purchasing department to form a special team to actively promote the CE certification of the automation mask production line.

In accordance with the requirements of the certification body SGS, the special team collected, organized and translated the original mask production line data, mainly including product main function descriptions, mechanical specifications, machine main components diagrams, mechanical appearance dimensions, mechanical installation/operation space/operator location diagram, mechanical safety identification location diagram, electrical diagram and electrical component table, pneumatic circuit diagram, pneumatic component list, operation manual, product nameplate and other materials, and according to the initial test results of the two tests of SGS technicians on MD (Machinery Directive) and EMC (Electromagnetic Compatibility Directive) have optimized mechanical protection and electrical systems, reorganized and perfected the non-conforming items one by one, forming a complete CE standard procedure. After formal on-site inspection, all test items of the equipment meet the standard requirements and successfully passed the full instruction certification of automation mask production line. So far, automatic mask production line of Greatoo has obtained the CE full instruction certificate and has become one of the few domestic equipment manufacturers that have obtained the CE certification of the authoritative organization.

In the EU market, the "CE" mark is a compulsory certification mark. Whether it is a product produced by an EU enterprise or a product produced in another country, if you want to circulate freely in the EU market, you must affix the "CE" mark to indicate the product meets the basic requirements of the EU directive "New Methods of Technical Coordination and Standardization". Products affixed with the CE mark indicate that they have passed the corresponding conformity assessment procedures and/or the manufacturer's declaration of conformity and comply with the relevant EU directives. This is not only a mandatory requirement of EU law for products, but also a passport for products to enter the EU and European Free Trade Zone countries, and has been widely recognized by most countries outside the EU.

The smooth passing of the CE certification of Greatoo's automated mask production line is an important manifestation of the company's product core competitiveness and an important guarantee of product confidence. It will provide a stronger competitive advantage for the company's related products to further expand the EU market and the international market. The company will rely on its channel advantages in the international market and the quality assurance of mask line products to provide high-quality production equipment for epidemic prevention materials to more countries and regions, and contribute to the global fight against epidemics!

Figure 1 MD (Machinery Directive) CE Certification 

Figure 2 EMC (Electromagnetic Compatibility Directive) CE Certification