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Wang Weixiong, Deputy Director of the United Front Work Department of the Huangpu District Committee of Guangzhou and Secretary of the Party Group of the District Federation of Industry and Commerce, Investigated the Greatoo (Guangzhou) Company


On April 9, Wang Weixiong, deputy director of the United Front Work Department of the Huangpu District Party Committee of Guangzhou and secretary of the party group of the District Federation of Industry and Commerce, and other leaders visited Greatoo (Guangzhou) Robots and Intelligent Manufacturing Co.,Ltd., and was warmly received by our general manager Yang Yujun.

The leaders of the Federation of Industry and Commerce visited the company's exhibition hall to learn more about our core technology products, intelligent equipment and the company's industrial layout, and learned in detail about the resumption of production and production during the epidemic at the symposium, focusing on listening to the product introduction of our fully automatic production line of plane masks and N95 mask.

As soon as the epidemic outbreak, Greatoo (Guangzhou) company quickly set up an emergency work group for epidemic prevention and control, and comprehensively carried out preparation of emergency plans, procurement of epidemic prevention materials, publicity and education of the epidemic, and daily health screening. The company launched a "combination punch" for epidemic prevention and control, and implemented scientific epidemic prevention by gradually returning to work in batches, daily disinfection and ventilation, and temperature measurement. In addition, the company actively promoted the progress of the project while protecting the health of its employees. Through online meetings to sort out the progress and plan of the project, the company is dedicated to providing customers with timely, continuous and feasible excellent services.

At the same time, the company's technical team quickly responded to the district government's call to launch a fully automated mask machine development project. With strong technical accumulation and innovative capabilities, the company has successfully developed a fully automated production line for flat masks and N95 masks, which has been successfully introduced to the market. Greatoo fully automated production line of flat masks is composed of a mask body making machine and two mask ear strap welding machines. No manual operation is required during the whole process, and the daily volume can be up to 150,000 pieces. And the N95 mask automatic production line is composed of four parts: feeding machine, forming machine, ear strap welding machine, and slicer. The whole process can be controlled by the intelligent touch screen setting of the man-machine interface, and the daily output can reach more than 55,000 pieces.

Secretary Wang affirmed our company's epidemic prevention and control work, and highly appreciated our company's professional advantages and the successful development of a fully automated mask machine. He encouraged our company to rely on the excellent resources of the member enterprises of the Federation of Industry and Commerce to solve the problem meet during the commissioning of the equipment. Manager Yang said, this sudden epidemic has clearly hit the entire market environment and people's normal lives. As a professional intelligent manufacturing enterprise, Greatoo will continue to take the initiative to accelerate the delivery of products and make due contributions to epidemic prevention and control.