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Greatoo 2019 Annual Performance Briefing


On April 23, Greatoo 2019 annual performance briefing was successfully held on the "Panorama • Roadshow World" platform through remote network interaction. The director and president of the company, Mr. Zheng Xuxu, the director and secretary of the board of directors, Mr. Wu Hao, the director and chief financial officer, Mr. Lin Ruibo, and the independent director, Mr. Zheng Jinghua, interacted online with investors through the internet platform.

The response rate of this online performance briefing reached 100%. The investor's focus is on the company's 2019 operating performance, financial status, smart equipment product development direction, and the impact of the epidemic. Company leaders conducted detailed introduction and in-depth communication within the scope allowed by the information disclosure regulations.

In 2019, under the background that the overall economic downward pressure has not been alleviated and the international situation is complicated, the company abides by the quality policy of "survive by quality and develop by credibility", firm confidence and move forward steadily. Some investors are concerned that the company's net cash flow from operations is very good, lamenting that it is indeed not easy under the circumstances of declining profits and macroeconomic downturn. Lin Ruibo, the company's director and chief financial officer, said that in recent years, the company has paid attention to controlling risks, focusing on contract review, preferring to abandon some orders, sacrifice some revenue, and also still ensure contract quality. In recent years, the company's operating net cash flow has been far greater than the realized net profit, and the company's production and operation are in a relatively benign state. Some investors are very interested in the company's smart equipment products, and ask the company leaders that the company's industrial robots can be used in which field? Zheng Xuxu, the company's president, replied that the company's robot products can be used in petrochemicals, logistics handling, welding and spraying, laser cutting, polishing, and other work. With the self-developed unit control system, it can replace specific processes and realize unmanned operations. The company will continue to increase the promotion and application of smart equipment products in different industries, helping all industries upgrade technology and improve efficiency. Wu Hao, the company's director and secretary of the board of directors, said, in 2020, the company will continue to optimize and improve processes in the smart sector, market-oriented, customer-centric, and take the development of standard products as the target, focusing on industrial robots, RV reducers, controllers, complete sets of equipment, intelligent automation integrated lines and other technologies and products to carry out business.

Through interactive exchanges, investors will further understand the company's business development and future development plans, which will help the company build a harmonious investor relationship and improve corporate governance. In the future, the company will continue to do a good job in information disclosure, enhance investors' confidence in long-term investment, and support the development of enterprises, as well as share the achievements of Greatoo development.