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Greatoo Held the 2020 Spring Festival Symposium


With the warm sunshine of winter, we ushered in 2020. On January 19, the company held the annual "Spring Festival symposium". Wu Yingxiong, vice president of the company, and He Jinbin, general manager of the Enterprise Administrative Center attended the symposium.

As one of the company's important measures for caring for employees, as early as January 6, the company's Labor Union and Employee Assistance Center visited each department, business unit, and subsidiary through investigation, and identified 41 employees with assistance requests. They may have difficulty living due to illness, injury, children attending school, or excessive pressure from family, and they need help urgently. Based on the condolences over the years, combined with the Love Fund rating, approved by the company, the company will provide assistance to employees who have suffered financial difficulties due to work-related injuries and serious illnesses. At the same time, appropriate condolences will be given to some employees who are economically strained due to low income or illness of their families.

At the symposium, the general manager He Jinbin first delivered a New Year's message and introduced the company's development and achievements in 2019 to employees and their relatives present. He said that in the past year, all the staff have been adhering to the core values of the corporate culture of "One family, one heart, one energy, one goal, and building a happy Greatoo together", struggling hard and striving for upstream; in the Sino-US trade war, domestic and foreign economic downturn, tire industry reshuffle, etc., Greatoo has achieved good results and won many honors. General manager He said that the sustainable development of an enterprise cannot be separated from the construction of culture and talents. The company always attaches great importance to the construction of talents and employee benefits. The "All-Certificate" program, which is mainly under the leadership of the Ministry of Human Resources, has helped more than 1,000 employees improve their skills and income. What’s more, "Oriental Yipin" house purchase subsidies are the first in the eastern Guangdong region, and make people around them envious. As long as the company is united and dedicated, it will surely seize the next round of development opportunities and jointly create a better life.

President He's wonderful speech inspired the participants' fighting spirit and won applause from the scene. Later, vice president Wu Yingxiong and general manager He Jinbin sent condolences and blessings to 41 employees in difficulty, and asked in detail the physical, living, and family status of employees in difficulty at the conference, and sincerely conveyed the company's concern to everyone and encouraged them should build confidence, help each other, and grow up and develop with Greatoo with gratitude. The employees expressed that they deeply feel the deep care and warmth from the company, and will continue to carry forward the spirit of self-reliance and hard work, holding hands, side by side, and working for a better life struggle.

Finally, vice president Wu Yingxiong delivered a concluding speech. Wu said that as a listed company, Greatoo has more social responsibilities and more attention to employees than other companies. Although it cannot fully meet the needs of employees, each event can reflect the company's commitment to employees. As individual employees, we must fully understand our job responsibilities, face up to our contribution to the company, adjust our mentality, and do what we should do with gratitude. When we came to Greatoo and got on this ship, we had to keep up with the speed of the ship, constantly cultivate ourselves, adjust ourselves, improve ourselves in daily work, accumulate experience of being a man and doing things, and even teaching future generations. Only those who are grateful can live happily every day and affect everyone around them. Wu's speech was truly touching and aroused the deep resonance of the participants.

We believe that Greatoo will spare no effort to give back to the company and society in the continuous development and growth. Let us join hands and use our charity and philanthropy to convey warmth and make greater efforts to create a harmonious, civilized, and happy family of Greatoo.

The symposium ended in a warm and peaceful atmosphere.